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Cherafir is the capital city and principal port of the Kingdom of Melderyn. The city is well fortified and its strong citadel is the main residence of the king. Known as the "Mages' City," Cherafir is seen by most as a bizarre anomaly, prone to strange happenings and inhabited by weird entities. While largely fictitious, this reputation is promoted by the inhabitants. Cherafir is the most cosmopolitan of Hârnic towns, particularly its dock-side foreigners' quarter known as the Alienage. Cherafir has always been a city of scholars. Dozens of secret societies of practitioners of various arcane arts have their headquarters here.

Cherafir offers game masters many opportunities, both as the site of urban intrigue and adventure and as a gateway to the continent of Lythia.

The Cherafir article contains an overview of the city's history, economics, religion, government, and military forces. In addition to a full-page color player map, color GM maps are provided for each district of the city and more than 160 locations are described. Color floor plans are included for the entire Alienage, as are full descriptions and color floor plans of the Chantry of the Guild of Arcane Lore and the College of Heralds.

Some material in this article was originally published in Cities of Hârn (1983) and Son of Cities (1987). The article has been greatly expanded and organized to allow for future expansion of new plans and sites within the city.

Includes Cherafir #D5: Clothier expansion.

Valeth the Robewright runs a small, exclusive clothier's shop that specializes in custom-tailored vestments, gowns, robes, and other ecclesiastic wear. He and his journeymen produce garments featuring designs for the Laranian, Peonian, Halean, and Save-K'norian churches and fighting orders. His clientele are senior clerics and noble religious warriors who can afford his fine wares. Despite his upstanding reputation, there is more to Valeth than meets the eye.

This article includes the expansions for D5 Clothier and F5 Wolves' Den brothel that were previously sold separately. Full-color plans of these building are included, along with several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the locations into play.