5701B-PDF Alienage District Map PDF $1.98

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This resource is a complete 28" x 20" map of the Alienage, the foreigners' quarter of the City of Cherafir. Descriptions of the locations on this map can be found in the complete Cherafir article. The PDF is layered so you can turn off elements such as location numbers or guard locations.

The capital city and principal port of the Kingdom of Melderyn, Cherafir is known as the "Mages' City" and is seen by many as prone to strange happenings and inhabited by weird entities. Cherafir is the most cosmopolitan of Hârnic towns, particularly the dock-side Alienage district. Languages and accents from across Hârn and the Lythian continent can be heard from the sailors and foreign traders on the district's busy docks, while its crowded streets and markets offer a wide variety of goods and services. The Lia-Kavair (thieves' guild) has considerable influence in the district and operates a black market in illegal imports.

The complete Cherafir article includes details of the city's history, economics, religion, government, military forces, and more than 160 shops, temple, and other locations. Cherafir offers game masters many opportunities, both as the site of urban intrigue and adventure and as a gateway to Hârn and the continent of Lythia.