The Atlas Hârnica series maps all of Hârn at the same scale, depicting all manors, villages, gargun and tribal camps, wilderness trails, contours, hills, streams, and more. Each map corresponds to one grid square on the Hârn regional map.

5000-M8 Atlas Harnica Map M8 $6.98

Hârn products are printed on high-quality, loose-leaf pages designed to fit standard 3-ring binders. This format enables you to arrange a collection of articles that are relevant to your campaign, providing easy access to the information you need.

Another beautiful atlas map for Hârn. This covers parts of Melderyn from the Anadel Highlands to the Gulf of Denina.

This atlas map covers points of interest such as the above mentioned Cundras Castle and outlying areas. But that is just one location! There is also Gythrun and Fosumo on the map as well!