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By: Brad Martin
The British in the Pacific War June/43
A mini scenario for Pacific Victory involving the struggle to control Singapore in the later stages of the Pacific War. Primarily British and Japanese forces are involved and the winner is the player who controls Singapore at the end of the game. Plays in 1-2 hours.

Scenario Rules

1. Only the part of the map west of (and inclusive of) the line Bangkok-Singapore-Sumatra is in play. The player who controls Singapore after June 45 winner.

2. Allied Production is production is 9 PP (South Africa, Ceylon, Bombay, Calcutta + 1 PP from USA which cannot be blockaded). The US AF unit must be built up to a strength 3 or higher every production phase. Only one US Infantry may be built (starting in Bombay). New British units must be built in South Africa. Indian units can be built in India.

3. Japanese Production: Japanese production is 6 PP (Singapore, Palembang + 3PP from Japan. PPs from Japan are shipped into any available base and are forfeit if all Japanese bases are blockaded. New Japanese units appear in Singapore. The first step costs double but existing units in Singapore (only) may receive replacements at Normal cost.

4. Japanese must use Fanatic and Banzai optional rules.

5. Indian Uprising: If the Japanese capture any Indian base (not Columbo), a Japanese G1 is placed in every ungarrisoned Indian base.

6. Operation U-Go: On any one turn during 1944, the Japanese player automatically gains the Initiative and may ignore the hexside limits for one Battle hex. Base stacking limits still apply.

Use only these forces and the map west of (and inclusive of) the line Bangkok-Singapore-Sumatra.
JAPAN: 6 PP (Singapore, Palembang + 3 PP from JAPAN. ALLIES: 9 PP (South Africa, Ceylon, Bombay, Calcutta + 1 PP from USA).
Rangoon: IN3, IN3 Dhaka: IN3, AF3(US)
Bangkok: AF2 Calcutta: IN3
Andamans: G1 Bombay: IN1
Singapore: SHQ1, CA2, IN2, BB2 Fuso, CV2 Hosho Madras: IN2
Palembang: G1 Ceylon: IN1
  South Africa: SHQ1, CV2 Illustrious,
BB2 King George V, CA3