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Sam Grant Errata (to 1.0 rules)


Knoxville is a forest hex.
Marietta/Kingston is a gap hexside.
Marietta/Canton is a mountain hexside.
Marietta/Rome is a forest hexside.
Chattanooga/Trenton is a gap hexside.
There are NO rail bridges across the Ohio or Mississippi rivers.
The bridge from Decatur leads to Huntsville.

Orders of Battle
The O/B cards differ from the rules O/Bs. The rules have the correct O/Bs.
Gallatin (not on map) is in the Russellville hex.

In the 1863 scenario April is Dry.

1.2 Home Territory
The blue railroads in KY and MO can be used by the CSA provided they control these states. However, the red/blue railroad link is a gauge change. Border hexes between TN and KY are considered to be in TN for supply purposes only. The same applies to MO and AR.

1.35 Marsh Hexsides
Marsh hexes (not hexsides) require units to stop.

1.6 Supply Hexes
Add a supply hex at Waynesborough (Alabama). See also 11.3 below.

2.23 Garrisons
Garrisons have F2 in a melee.

4.54 Drafts
Garrison cadres may be selected.

4.55 CSA Emergency Forces
CSA emergency forces must all be deployed in the same hex.

4.56 Emancipation
In the two theater game 2 VPs are awarded in the west and 3VPs in the east. The CSA gets double RPs in both theaters in the following month.

5.5 Forrest Cavalry Unit
If destroyed, the Forrest unit may be rebuilt as a normal cavalry unit. Also see 13.3.

7.1 Retreating
Units retreat individually in any order. Retreating units receive terrain benefit.

7.31 Firepower
Beginning in Jan 1863, Cavalry fire at F3 on defense, and F2 on offense. This reflects their acquisition of repeating rifles. Cavalry melee at F3 remains unchanged.

7.35 Melee
Half hits do carry over from the first round of the melee to the second.

7.43 Outflanking
Outflanking units may not initiate a melee or enfilade until the following turn.

7.53 Shiloh Reinforcements
Nighttime reinforcements are subject to a hexside limit of 2 units.

9.0 Railroads
While there is no rail connection between Selma and Montgomery, supply can be traced between them along the Alabama. River movement is not possible. Provided both supply hexes are on the same map edge, there is no extra offboard movement cost to exit at one supply point and enter at another.

Example: A rail move from Corinth to Atlanta. via the Waynesborough and Greenville supply hexes, is considered 1 strategic move.

River movement and supply are prohibited south of a CSA fort even if the move does not bypass the fort, but see 10.6. River supply and movement are prohibited upriver of the Muscle Shoals.

Only USA infantry can invade. Invading infantry can retreat by river for the duration of the invasion battle (only). River Invasions and River Crossings (10.6) to Neutral hexes require two (2) strategic moves per unit. River Invasions are prohibited to bluff hexsides if the hex is defended.

The following hexsides are bluffs:
Grand Gulf (both MS river hexsides)
Vicksburg (both MS river hexsides)
Haynes Bluff (both Yazoo river hexsides)
Fort Pillow (both MS river hexsides)
Island #10 (North MS river hexside only)
Columbus (both MS river hexsides)

10.6 River Crossings
River Crossings are permitted south of a CSA occupied fort this is how Grant bypassed, besieged, and then captured Vicksburg. Remember, River Crossings cannot be used to attack, and cost two (2) strategic moves per unit if the destination hex is enemy-controlled or neutral.

11.3 Supply Sources
Control of enemy Supply Sources is no longer worth Victory Points. Instead, controlling each enemy Supply Source reduces the CSA by 2 RPs, and the USA by 3 RPs for as long as control is maintained. The Union may not trace supply up the Mississippi from New Orleans.

11.3 Supply Lines
The Union can supply units adjacent to a supplied major river hexside. Example: Vienna, IL can be supplied via the Mississippi or Ohio rivers. Adjacency for Supply purposes can be traced across a major river. Example: The CSA could supply forces in Cincinnati if they control the state of Kentucky.

12.41 Cadre Deployment
Cadres may be placed in unsupplied towns or cities but cannot be built up beyond 1cv. CSA can build one (1) cadre in Knoxville (supply source) if it is friendly. The CSA can also build one (1) cadre in Little Rock, AR. USA can build up to three (3) cadres in each of St Louis and Louisville. Only one (1) CSA cadre can be built in these cities if they are under CSA control.

13.1 1861 Scenario
The 1861 scenario favors the CSA in the West. To balance the game: +1 VP for US on Victory Track +1 to US Supreme (now 3cv) 1 to CSA KY HQ (now 2cv) Louisville has a nominal Garrison 2, and Frankfort a nominal Garrison 1. These units (Kentucky Militia) become active (and defend their cities) if Kentucky Neutrality is violated. If the CSA invades Kentucky, they become USA units, and if the USA invades they become CSA units. These units function like any other Garrisons.

13.3 Unit Transfers
The Forrest unit can be transferred to the eastern theater. Brigade units can be transferred to the western theater and may also be built there.