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Bobby Lee or Sam Grant & Dixie

Our card game Dixie is essentially a more sophisticated version of the battle system in Bobby Lee. Both games can be combined to give each more depth, adding strategic play to Dixie, and tactical details to Bobby Lee. The following rules explain how.

1. For each side, separate the Dixie cards into FOUR individual decks, one for Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery, and one combined deck of Generals, Terrain and Special cards which we call the "Special" deck. The Gettysburg cards are best for Bobby Lee, and the Shiloh cards are best for Sam Grant.

2. When a battle results from maneuver on the Bobby Lee gameboard, players note the total CVs of each arm. That is, total up the Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and HQ steps.

3. Shuffle each deck of cards and deal out, face down, one card per CV. That is, if you have 12CV of Infantry, deal out 12 Infantry cards, and so on.

4. Deal out one card per block from the combined Special deck (Generals, Terrain and Specials). That is, if you have five blocks involved, deal out five of these cards.

5. Resolve the battle as a Dixie battle, using the Battle Time rules of Bobby Lee. The firepower in battles increase, in that a player may draw a 4CV card for a 1CV block, but the Morale, General, and Terrain rules of Dixie compensate for this. A routed card is like a 1CV loss.

6. Any reinforcements brought into the battle, are drawn from the card decks. If an Infantry 3cv and Artillery 2cv reinforce, draw 3 Infantry cards and 2 Artillery cards, and 2 cards from the Special deck.

7. Cards retreat from the battle using the Bobby Lee rules. When a battle is resolved, surviving Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and General cards (including those that retreated) are converted back into blocks of equivalent value. That is, if you have seven Infantry cards remaining, convert them into 7CV of Infantry blocks. Players can not have more blocks than were involved in the battle (because of the cadre rules) but can have less.

Have fun!