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I just received Liberty, and I am a happy bunky. You have made it simple to learn and play (BTW I have all of the other Block Wargames) and yet it captures what I have always felt was the "feel" of this war. Thank you so much. I had ordered red and blue blocks from you last year trying to create my own block game utilizing the game board from either We the People, or 1776. Wow, I am glad I did not spend much time on that. I have played a couple solitarie games of Liberty thus far, and it is extremely smooth. I have my gaming buddy coming over to the house tomorrow.

We will probably use Liberty as our campaign system for Miniature games (both 15mm and 25mm).

Thanks again for another high quality game.

Bill Perks
Wilmington, NC


This mechanic: The number cards means you can either activate that many hexes for movement, or bring in that many blocks (blindly) from your reinforcement pool, or any combination, with activation happening first is one of the things that I love best about the Columbia Games design philosophy. The mechanisms are a simple limiting framework within which I freely chose what I need to do. The choices are never easy. But also, the natural breathing rhythm of campaigns is supported without any kind of schedule. That is, I can see that at the beginning of the year, players must naturally reform their armies, bring in reinforcements, and then begin campaigning. It is the players themselves who figure out how to steal a march on one another. Elegant.

John Foley
Warren, NJ