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Computer EastFront patch version 2.07

The EastFront patch will only upgrade v 2.02 or higher of Computer EastFront. The download is a compressed .zip file which must be decompressed (extracted) before installation. You must extract the files into the same directory that now contains computer Eastfront (usually c:/Program Files/Eastfront/)

Your computer will overwrite some files in the process- this is OK.

Full instructions to install accompany the download.




Changes made in 2.07

- German side can no longer build in Kishinev. This is now a Soviet build city.
- fixed bug that allowed 2 units to engage across the Kerch Strait.
- fixed bug that an unsupplied and a supplied unit in the same hex would negate the
ZOC of the supplied unit.
- fixed bug that allowed the supreme HQ to be moved by another HQ in the Blitz phase
AFTER the supreme HQ mobilized by rail in the previous phase.

Changes in 2.06:

- Archangel is no longer a supply source.
- German satellite restriction problems fixed.

The changes made to in 2.05 were:

- added missing rail lines around Moscow and Stalingrad.
- fixed hexside 318/417 near Constanza. It should have been a sea hexside.
- in PBEM mode, going from May 42 to June 42, German HQ's were not returning to the normal 10/20 cost until the following month. This has been fixed.
- the VP display has been expanded to show more categories of victory points. The program now correctly determines VPs for the German Satellite restriction.
- Only the largest unit defending a fortress gets triple fire and automatic supply. However, two units can be supplied in Leningrad if the Soviets have rail supply to Lake Ladoga (hex 1604). Note that "Fortress" hexsides no longer exist.
- a separate supply line check is made prior to the Production Phase for purposes of determining production values and the eligibility of unit augmentation. The supply states of units are not affected.
- Leningrad, Danzig and Odessa are now considered major ports and have a port capacity of 2.
- Satellite changes: 3rd Romanian is now released when Odessa is captured, all others require both Odessa and Sevastopol. Soviet recapure of either city results in automatic unsupply for any Satellite units caught outside the restricted area.
- Bug fix: Bucherest was not allowing 2 builds
- Sea supply for Ventspils (Baltic/Gulf of Riga) is now correctly determined.