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Quebec 1759


1. Are the Indians required to write down their destination zone?

ANSWER: YES. You have to write it down but you can write any zone.


2. If the Indians are moving to a zone that has being vacated on the same move, are the Indians allowed to raid the moving units?

ANSWER: NO. No combat occurs.


3. Can blanks that stay in the reserve in 3-column battles stay unrevealed?

ANSWER: NO, blanks (decoys) are always eliminated if in the same area as the enemy. This applies to Skirmishes as well.


4. Can the FRENCH remove steps from Infantry or Militia and add them to the depleted Indian unit?

ANSWER: NO, you can't turn a Frenchman into an Indian! Unit CV switching can only be made among units of exactly the same type. This also applies to BRITISH forces and American Rangers and Militia.