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Quebec 1759 gamer reviews

Burt Decaire and Greg Sawchuk
Cranbrook, BC Canada

We play Québec 1759 in our warkitchen every Tuesday afternoon and no matter how many times we play, we want more. We crave this game. We never tire of it. We can't wait to play again, to rectify past mistakes, to try new stratagems and tricks, to lay new traps and deceptions…

  • We've never played a better two man board game.
  • Every game is different. Even after playing hundreds of games, no game is alike. Update 2013: More than 2000 Québec games played.
  • The game is historically accurate.
  • You learn more about military history by playing this game than in reading books. It teaches you when to deceive, when to fight, and when to retreat.
  • Battles are exciting, realistic and suspenseful.
  • Time is of the essence in a battle and the 16 move format captures this principle. Yet within each move there are countless possibilities.
  • Fate and Providence are also ineluctable in every battle situation… and the role of fate is incorporated in this game through the dice.

Burt and Greg