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Wizard Kings 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions

How many blocks are in the base game?
There are 56 blocks in the base game, eight of each color (8x7=56). The Ferkins (warboars) army has been disbanded and replaced with a human Feudal army on the same block color.

If I have the first edition game why should I buy the 2nd edition?
Owners of the first edition game will find the parts included in the base game will nicely supplement what they already own. The 2nd edition base game includes 4 new maps with a retail value of $5 each = $20. The 56 blocks (with new art) have an approximate value of $25.   Rules and spellcards make up the remainder of the package.

Are 1st edition blocks still useable?
Yes. The formula that determines the cost of a unit has not changed.   Therefore, first edition units are still entirely valid for play.

Are 1st edition maps compatible with the 2nd edition?
Yes. The 2nd edition game includes maps 13-16 from the same series that started with the 1 st edition game. Maps 1-12 will remain available as expansions. Those who already have them do not need to reorder.

Are the rules different?
There are some minor changes to the 2nd edition rules. A free PDF file of the rules is available.

How can I play with just 8 blocks?
Wizard Kings includes a number of excellent new scenarios, some fast playing, and others involving alliances of multiple armies. Purchasing expansion blocks is also cost-effective.

How many blocks are in the HEROES & TREASURES blocksets?
There are 21 blocks in each expansion blockset, 3 blocks per army (3x7=21). The labels are packaged randomly so that each blockset is different. The expansion blocks contain some duplicates from the base game, and many new units including artifacts, heroes, ships, temples, and treasures.

What about the CHAOS and WEREBEAST blocksets?
Chaos and Werebeast labels are included in the Heroes and Treasures set.

Is Wizard Kings 2.0 a collectible game? Are some blocks rarer than others?
The base game has a fixed block mix – every basic set is identical.  The Heroes and Treasures Expansion set is randomly packaged but predictable: each box has 3 blocks from each of the 7 armies.  There is no artificial rarity with differing print runs.

The basic arrow-fodder troops (C1) are more common than some other units. This was true in the first edition of Wizard Kings as well, and for good reason: players need these troops to protect and shield their more expensive units.  Unlike many games, where players get frustrated with many useless things that they cannot use, in Wizard Kings every unit is useful. 

We have chosen a random packaging format to allow for a much larger variety of unit types. There are hundreds of unit types in Wizard Kings. Random packs are cost-effective for gamers; we recommend 3-5 expansion sets to give you a good selection of all the armies but your total army size is your choice.

Wizard Kings 2.0 has 4 maps and 8 units from each of the armies in the base game. Each expansion set adds three blocks of each color to your seven army mix. 

With 1 set you'll have 11 blocks from each army. (8+3)
With 2 sets you'll have 14, blocks from each army. (8+6)
With 3 sets you'll have 17, blocks from each army. (8+9)
With 5 sets you'll have 23 units from each army. (8+15)