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Excalibre Games


By Glenn Pruitt

Players: 2
Length: 10 turns
Maps 3, 14 and 16.
2 sets of standard and elite blocks.
Logistics counters.

Operation Weserübung was the code name for the Nazi conquest of Denmark and Norway in the spring of 1940. This scenario is an approximation of that operation using Victory. The German player begins on maps 3 and 16 and must occupy the extremely difficult terrain on map 14 by the end of the game.

Set Up
There is a canal connecting Dalborg to the Kristian Sund. The Dalborg Canal is treated as a regular canal with regard to the rules in the Victory rulebook.
The city of Asmarum on map 16 is demoted to town status.
Norway & Denmark forces may receive Sea Supply from cities off of the map. This represents supply from England.

Starting Forces: Germany
Janiec: 1PP Navy Factory, 1xCA, 1xDD, 2xMA, 1xIN, 1xSU
Haasvan: 2xHB, 1xSS, 1xBB, 2xMA, 1xIN, 1xSU
Rügenhaven: 2PP Air Factory, 1xFA, 1xDB, 1xSS, 1xBB, 2xMA, 2xAB
Baverne: 2xFA, 2xAR, 2xMK
Landstat: 3PP Army Factory, 2xMT
Bork: 1PP Navy Factory, 1xFA, 1xDB, 1xCA, 1xDD, 2xIN

Starting Forces: Norway & Denmark
Grömitz: 1PP Navy Factory, 1xIN
Dalborg: 2PP Army Factory, 1xAY, 1xIN, 1xDD
Hämö: 1xFA
Vaxholm: 1PP Air Factory, 1xMB, 1xDD, 1xAY, 1xIN
Skara: 1xFA
Karlsvik: 1xMB, 1xDD, 1xIN
Jörvik: 1xCA, 1xIN, 2xResource Production Hex
Sogheim: 1PP Army Factory, 1xBB, 1xMT
Tynn: 1PP Army Factory, 1xCA, 1xMT
Stavern: 1PP Navy Factory, 1xBB, 1xIN
Gulen: 1xSS

Force Pool
Players may only build units from their force pools. New units may only be built in controlled factories on your home map(s). Both sides begin with an empty force pool.

At the end of the production phase each player shall roll a d6.

Do not add to the Force Pool
Add any regular (not black) block to the Force Pool.
Add any regular or elite block to the Force Pool.


German Victory: capture all cities on map 14 before the end of turn 10.
Decisive German Victory: capture all cities on map 14 before the end of turn 8.

Norwegian Victory: prevent a German victory.
Decisive Norwegian Victory: control 3 or more PPs worth of cities on map 14 at the end of turn ten.