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Two if by Sea

Opposing forces are divided by large sea area. The invaders must plan and execute a multi-wave invasion to be successful. The defender may choose to await the enemy on the beaches or aggressively engage the enemy with submarines.

Situation: Player A defends his territory (maps 7/8) from a superior Air/Naval force intent on invading and securing ports.

Maps: Set-up maps as shown.

Forces: Player A begins with 15 units at full strength or 60pp of customized forces. Forces are deployed on friendly Cities as normal. Player A may not build Naval Units other than Submarines. Player B begins with 30 units at full strength or 120pp of customized forces. Player B may build any unit type. Deploy in Cities and Towns as normal.

Production: Player A Home Cities produce +1 meaning a 2pp city is worth 3pp and so on. Player B production is normal. Player B gets the benefit of this extra production for all controlled Home Cities of Player A.

Victory: Play 10 Turns. Winner is the player with the most PPs on Maps 7 and 8.