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A Titanic Land Struggle

Designed By Charles F. Bryant II

Overview: Landsreich (Axis) invades the Koronov Collective (Allies) in a titanic land struggle.  In June of 1941 Landsreich launched a massive surprise invasion of the Koronov homeland in order to gain the rich productive land of Koronov and add it to the Reich.  This scenario simulates the initial invasion, code-named Operation Redbeard, through the high water mark of the initial invasion in November of 1941.

10 Gameturn limit

2 Maps (12 and 11)

          12B       11B
West                               East
          12A       11A



1 x 4 AR Orlovka NW1
1 x 4 AR Malinsk NW1
1 x 4 AR; 1 x 4 IN; 2 x 2 DB Malinsk
1 x 4 AR Malinsk SW 1
1 x 4 INF Karask NW 1
1 x 4 INF Karask

Countermix: 1 Set Standard and 1 Set Elite


2 x 4 INF Orlovka
2 x 4 INF Orlovka SE 1
2 x 4 INF Malinsk SE 1
2 x 4 INF Karask NE 1
2 x 2 FA Zaneya
2 x 2 INF Zaneya
2 x 2 FA Pena
2 x 2 INF Pena
2 x 2 FA Coufal
2 x 2 INF Coufal
2 x 4 INF Khutur
2 x 2 FA Kama

Countermix: 1 Set Standard and 1 Set Elite (minus the elite armor).

1.  To simulate the effects of the surprise attack, on game turn 1, the Koronov player may not retreat from battle in the first round of combat.

2.  Axis has 15 off board production points. Units produced (at any strength) enter the following turn via strategic or regular movement.

3. Allies can trace supply off the East and South edges of the map.

4. Axis can trace supply off the West edge of the map.

5. There is no Axis production on game turn 1.

6. The Axis has the initiative until Pena, Liman, Zaneya, Coufal, Venev or Lgov is taken. Then initiative shifts to the allies for the remainder of the game. Also, the Axis off board production drops to 10 pp/turn for the rest of the game (except see 7 below).

7. If Bransk, Kataw, Pitgard, Turek, Nysa or Gday is taken, Axis off map production drops to 5 for the remainder of the game.

At the end of 10 game turns, add up the total number of city production values that the Landsreich player controls and compare that number to the chart below to determine VICTORY!

PPs controlled by Landsreich Victory Level
Decisive Allied
Major Allied
Minor Allied
Minor Axis
Major Axis
Decisive Axis



1. If you find one side or the other consistently winning, play the scenario again, but give the losing side one extra full strength unit of the players choice (Keep it secret until it is revealed in combat). 
2. If  you find Lansdreich  having a consistent problem winning, then allow Axis production on game turn 1.
3. Add the logistics set.