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Peninsula Drive

For Two Players
By Rick Mathews

This scenario is loosely based on the Allied campaign in Italy in 1943. Player A takes the part of the Allies, while Player B represents the Germans.

Join mapedge 3B to mapedge 4B.
The following rules simulate the Italian defection:

Player B (the Germans) controls all of map 3. Player A (the Allies) controls all of map 4.

However, Player A may only set up on the land masses containing Lindai, Naxos, and Andissa. Player B may set up on any other land masses on either board. Note that though Player B may begin the game in possession of cities and towns on the Korinos peninsula, since they belong to Player A he must maintain a garrison in those cities and towns or they revert to Player A control (simulating the Italian defection). In addition, to simulate demands on other fronts, Player B may only build cadres at Landstat. Player A may build cadres at the cities on the Korinos peninsula once he “liberates” those cities by capturing them (or if Player B vacates them). Player A need not garrison towns and cities on map 4 to retain control of them. Each player begins with 12 units or 48PP. Player B sets up all of his units first. Players must set up units in cities or towns, but may ignore the rule requiring at least two units in each city.

The use of all optional rules is recommended.

The game lasts 10 turns. Player A wins immediately if at any point he controls all cities on map 4, and 5 points of cities on map 3. Otherwise, player B wins.