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Neutral in the Middle

This scenario requires a set of blocks in a third color. Three maps are set out as normal. Players A and B each choose and position a map. The neutral map is then chosen at random and positioned between the others as shown.


1-3 (according to City size) random Ground or Air units are placed face down in each Neutral City. All Neutral units are 2CV to start.

The neutral pieces remain hidden (no building) until either player attacks a neutral unit or moves a land or air unit across neutral territory. All pieces are then controlled by the other (Allied) player. The allied player can only use neutral cities to build or refit neutral units which can now be rebuilt to a strength of 3 or more (and which can now include Naval Units).

The Hostile player can use captured and garisoned neutral cities to rebuild his own units as normal. If the hostile player captures the Neutral 3PP city and at least one Neutral 2PP city, the Neutral country surrenders and all Neutral units are removed. Following surrender, Neutral cities are treated as Captured Cities for both sides (ie. must be garrisoned to maintain control).