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Invasion of the Home Island

Designed By Charles F. Bryant II

Overview:  It is the Summer of 1945.  The United Democratic Union has fought a long and brutal war against the Empire of the Rising Dragon and the U.D.U. is now within striking distance of the Imperial Home Island of Tokumo and the capital Tokumo City.  An invasion fleet has been assembled on Palikai and the U.D.U. high command has determined that the invasion must begin immediately, before the Empire has a chance to gear up production and strengthen their forces. 

10 game turn limit

1 ½ maps (1/2 of map 9 and map 13)








United Democratic Union (Green or Blue)

6 x 4 IN
4 x 4 MA
2 x 4 AB
2 x 4 CV
2 x 4 BB
4 x 4 FA

The above units may be deployed anywhere on the Island of Palikai within stacking limits.

Countermix 1 set standard

Imperial Tokumo Forces (Orange or Red)

8 x 4 IN    deploy 1 in each city on map 13 (inc. Daisen) and 2 in Tokumo.
2 x 4 FA  deploy both in Setana.

Countermix 1 set standard


  1. The U.D.U. has the initiative until they capture a port on the Home Island (not Daisen or Jizo).  After a port is captured by the U.D.U. the players roll for initiative per the standard rule except that ties are resolved in the favor of the Imperial forces.


At the end of 10 game turns, subtract the U.D.U. captured city production value total from the city production value total of the Imperial Player and compare it to the following chart:

Imperial PPs - U.D.U. PPs Victory Level
-4 or more
Decisive U.D.U.
-2 to -3
Major U.D.U.
Minor U.D.U.
Minor Imperial
+2 to +3
Major Imperial
+4 or more
Decisive Imperial



  1. Allow the Imperial Tokumo player to deploy freely on map 13 within stacking limits.
  2. Allow each player to secretly select their own mix of units from their countermixes.  The U.D.U. gets 20 full strength units, the Imperial player gets 10 full strength units.
  3. If you find one side or the other consistently winning, play the scenario again, but give the loosing side one extra full strength unit of the players choice (Keep it secret until it is revealed in combat).
  4. Add one Eilte counter set for each player.
  5. Add the logistics set.