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Decision at Auxerre

An Introductory Scenario for Two Players
By Rick Mathews

2 Player rush to control Victory map 1. Excellent introductory scenario.

Only Map 1 is used. Each player starts with 3 infantry, plus any three other units (all at full strength). Player A controls Varbourg,
Laissac, Montargon, and Lorne. Player B controls Donzy, Contres, Magnin, and Nexon. Players may set up in any of their controlled
cities or towns, with the restriction that at least two units must be placed in each city. The other cities and towns on the map are
considered neutral. Cities and Towns which begin the game Neutral may be captured with normal movement only (not strategic).
They must be garrisoned (any unit) to maintain control. You may not build new units (but you may build steps on existing units) in
controlled Neutral Cities. Note that supply may be traced through vacant neutral cities and towns, but not strategic movement.
The use of all optional rules is recommended.

The first player to move four army units (of any strength) off the opposite board edge wins the game (Player A must move units off edge B; Player B must move units off edge A). It costs one movement point to move off the board from an edge hex. Units must use normal ground movement to move off the board edge (not strategic, airborne, or sea movement). If a player captures Auxerre, he then has 5 turns to fulfill the victory conditions, or his opponent wins the game. Each time Auxerre changes hands, this requirement is cancelled for the previous owner, and inherited by the new owner.