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Banana War
By Glenn Pruitt

Players: 2
Length: 10 turns
Maps 5 and 15.
Two sets of standard plus elite blocks (red, blue)
One set of standard blocks (green)
Logistics counters.

The Federation of Tuxpan (blue) has always relied on it’s naval superiority to guard the Antonio Canal. Recently dramatic unrest in the small city states surrounding the Federation has jeopardized the safety of the canal and even the nation itself. A new presidente has been elected and he promises to consolidate the region under his military authority. To the north, Obanto (red) has recently suffered a coup. The old royalist regime has been supplanted by a triumvirate of aggressive communists. The People’s Republic of Obanto vow to liberate their neighbors in a sweeping military campaign. Caught in between, the independent city states have little hope in their home guard units, but they will fight until the bitter end.

Set Up
Each player shall deploy 15 units from the force pool at full strength. Units may be placed in any friendly city or town. Each player shall also deploy one 0PP Army factory, one 0PP Navy factory, and also one 0PP Air factory.

Force Pool: Federation of Tuxpan (blue)
4xFA 1xDB 1xTB 1xMB 1xHB    
1xSS 3xBB 3xCA 1xDD    
2xAY 2xAR 1xAB 1xMT 2xMA 6xIN


Force Pool: People’s Republic of Obanto (red)
4xFA 1xDB 1xTB 1xMB 1xHB    
1xSS 1xBB 2xCA 2xDD    
2xAY 2xAR 2xAB 4xMK   6xIN

Special Rules
Deploy a full strength neutral infantry in each neutral city. Also deploy a full strength Artillery in Jurado and Tervoli. Neutral units do not rebuild during the production phase.
Players may only build units from their force pools. New units may only be built in controlled factories on your home map. Blue may only build on map 5 and red may only build on map 15.

Force Pool
At the end of the production phase each player shall roll a d6.

Do not add to the Force Pool
Add any regular (not black) block to the Force Pool.
Add any regular or elite block to the Force Pool.


Determine the number of undestroyed factory production points controlled by the RED player at the end of turn 10. If the total is:

13 or more Decisive Red Victory
10 to 12 Strategic Red Victory
8 or 9 Draw
6 or 7 Strategic Blue Victory
5 or less Decisive Blue Victory