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Angel Run

This scenario is for maps 7, 8, 9, 10 arranged as shown.

Map Arrangement

Situation: Player A is attempting to run convoys of resources though defended waters.

Maps: Player A controls maps 7/8. Player B controls map 10. Map 9 is neutral and all Coastal/Land hexes are unplayable (treat as shoals). Resource Hexes are ignored on all maps.

Forces: Player A begins with 20 units at full strength or 80pp of customized forces. Player B begins with 15 units at full strength or 60pp of customized forces. Forces are deployed on friendly Cities as normal. Each Production turn, Player A receives one resource unit (full strength) until six units have arrived in this way. Resource unit must be deployed in Troy or Bursa (map 7) and may only be converted to PPs in a City on map 8. See rules about converting Resources into PPs.

Production: Player B has triple production in the Cities on map 10. Player A production is normal. Ignore Resource Hexes on all maps.

Victory: Player A earns 1VP for each PP spent which was converted from a Resource Unit arriving at a City on Map 8. Player A can earn a maximum of 48VPs, if all convoys make the run unscathed and are converted in 2PP Cities. Player B earns 2VPs for each CV of Resource destroyed. First player to 25VPs wins.