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Pled is an Orbaalese castle located at a strategic point where the Jarig River broadens and empties into the Vaagesfjord. The Jarin folk who fished the rich waters since the 4th century BT were conquered in the last century by viking raiders from across the Sea of Ivae.

Pled's current lord is Knurri Storzand, a stubborn and brutal man despised by his Jarin subjects and unloved by many of his fellow Ivinians. Knurri has pressed a vendetta with Clan Karolaan of Vaagel as an excuse to gain eventual dominance of the entire Vaagesfjord.

The Pled Castle article describes the settlement's history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes a full description and color floor plans for the castle and Clan Storzand compound, along with color GM and player maps of the settlement. Details are given for many local craftsmen and other locations in the village.