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Orbaal Map
A full color map of the Kingdom of Orbaal, showing all major settlements, roads, trails, etc. An index of political, social, and economic data for each settlement, and an article about the kingdom of the Orbaal.

All four castles include a full color local map, detailed interior plans, and a key to special features in each settlement.

The seat of Tursi Cyeen, located on a small island off the northwest coast of Orbaal. It is a center of the rich fur trade.

A motte-and-bailey castle in northern Orbaal. Clan Serewyn has maintained a vicious, thirty-six year bloodfeud with the ruling clan of Sherwyn.

The seat of Knurri Storzand, a stubborn and brutal lord who controls the mighty Vaagesfjord in northern Orbaal.

The impressive island stronghold of Clan Sherwyn, located on the Balakas Islands off the northeast coast of Orbaal.