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A tiny feudal kingdom in eastern Hârn, ruled by Verlid VII. Chybisa maintains a fragile independence from Kaldor and Melderyn, both of whose kings have claims on her crown. Included is a full-color Atlas Map, plus details on the history, politics, economy, and clans of this surprisingly wealthy kingdom.

The largest town and the royal seat of Chybisa. Burzyn is strategically located on the south bank of the Ulmerien, guarding the only bridge to cross this river. It is a rich trading center, dominated by perhaps the most impressive castle on Hârn.

Hârnic Law
A general review of Hârnic codes, crimes, and punishments. No civilized society can function without a legal system and, even on Hârn, the administration of justice is surprisingly complex. Includes clan and feudal law, royal justice, forest law, trials and enforcement, plus a list of the most common crimes and the typical punishments they bring.