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This article was originally published in the Rethem Kingdom Module.

4802 Lia-Kavair "Thieves' Guild" $1.99

Although better known as the "Thieves' Guild", the Lia-Kavair only superficially resembles the commercial guilds of western Lythia. The confusion arises primarily because the internal slang of the Lia-Kavair uses many terms that are associated with guilds. There is no parallel for the apprentice training system of commercial guilds. Little is known of the Lia-Kavair by outsiders, although there is considerable unfounded speculation. Many folk believe the Lia-Kavair is a unified organization. This is a myth propagated by the "guild". In fact, they tend to operate as independent gangs. Communication between various chapters is often poor, and rivalry is common.

"Guild" history and organization are explained and common slang terms defined include: Diving, Jiggling, Chewing, Cutpursing, Stumping, Slap, Wet work.