Field of Daisies consists of four parts:
  • Field of Daisies is a mystery & exploration adventure.
  • Falkath: describes the village in northern Kaldor where the adventure takes place.
  • Four pre-generated characters for use in this adventure.
  • Optional quickstart HârnMaster rules.
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Normally $29.99 Hârn products are printed on high-quality, loose-leaf pages designed to fit standard 3-ring binders. This format enables you to arrange a collection of articles that are relevant to your campaign, providing easy access to the information you need.

Field of Daisies is an introductory adventure for HârnWorld. Although designed to be used with the HârnMaster rule system, it is generic enough for easy conversion for use with other rule systems and can easily fit into any medieval fantasy game setting.

The adventure unfolds in the fief of Falkath, a small manor in northern Kaldor, a feudal kingdom in eastern Hârn. Falkath's knightly lord, Sir Mayald Vobenor, is looking for able-bodied people to search for a missing child. Can the players find the boy or will they end up buried in a Field of Daisies?

Feedback about Field of Daisies

"The Harn book was very cool. I didn't wan't to grab it myself cause there was only one left. It was snapped up pretty quick."
-dar (therpgsite forums)

"Standouts: ...HarnWorld (great maps & illos, gonna use this)..."
-Casey777 (therpgsite forums)

"Most interesting item: As I have only flipped through my copies, so we are going by appearance only, my choices would go to the Harnworld Quick start and adventure module (52 pages, and looked generally like a typical detailed Harn product)..."
-Badmike (

"The Harn book was good and chunky. Definitely something to attract notice..."
-g026r (

"Artwise, the Harn product came a close second [in FreeRPGDay production value]...
-Mactaka (Paizo forums)

"Man, I wish I could have snagged a copy of that HARN module. Damn that thing looked impressive!"
-Omote (Troll Lord forums)

"Our participating FLGS ended up with a surplus of these modules (Hooray!) and I picked one up on a whim. This was easily the meatiest printed product in the Free RPG stack this year, as it included a complete (and excellent) adventure with pre-generated PCs, the HarnMaster 'quick start' rules, and a localized gazetteer of sorts. Thanks for contributing, CGI!"
-Jdrakeh (HarnForum)

"Picked this up at Free RPG day at my flgs here. I agree that this was the thickest offering at the table and great production values as well. Art & writing were first class. This was a pleasant surprise, considering the other BIG companies that participated. It has been 10+ years since I've picked up a Harn product, and thanks to this free item, I'll be looking at the products once again. Well done."
-Banesfinger (HarnForum)

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