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Normally $19.99 Hârn products are printed on high-quality, loose-leaf pages designed to fit standard 3-ring binders. This format enables you to arrange a collection of articles that are relevant to your campaign, providing easy access to the information you need.

Inns of Hârn is a collection of five detailed inns, suitable for any roleplaying campaign.

Details are provided about each inn's accommodations and services, as well as its menu, staff, and regular clientele. Additionally, each inn features detailed floor plans and several adventure hooks.

Aranoal's Inn:
A run-down inn in the city of Coranan, popular with locals. It has a reputation as a place where visiting travelers can disappear.
Blue Bell Inn: Located near the pier in the Chybisan town of Geda, this little inn services river boatmen and a few locals.
Fox and Duck Inn: Once a popular place for Thardic Legion officers, this inn is now a common stopping place for pilgrims bound for Araka-Kalai.
Green Wyvern Inn: Standing in the shadow of Caer Shira, the Green Wyvern is favored by Shiran's gentle folk.
Lamp Inn: Travelers on the Genin Trail find welcome respite here after surviving hostile Pagaelin territory. The inn offers warm beds and a stout palisade wall for protection.

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