60 random cards
Eagles Waterloo Rules PDF (113K)

3801 EAGLES: Waterloo Deck $9.99

Eagles is an exciting card and dice game for two players. Command either the French or Allied Army (British and Prussian) and seek to win battles from the Waterloo campaign.

Eagles: Waterloo
Recreate the climactic Waterloo campaign with Eagles: Waterloo edition. Eagles is a fast-paced, fun, and historically accurate card game simulating Napoléon's final campaign. There are 300 different cards that accurately portray generals, regiments, artillery, and terrain present from the Waterloo campaign.

Each Eagles card has been printed in three versions: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Gold cards are rare, silver cards uncommon, and bronze cards are common, but each version of the card will has the same game effect. Decks include some of each type.

Full sets are also available containing all 300 cards.

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