June 19th 2015: Visiting the Waterloo battlefield

FRIDAY, JUNE 19 2015

0700: Breakfast at the Funkey Hotel

1200: tour bus to Centre du Visiteur (Visitor Center) on the Route du Lion.

1400: Visitor Museum, Lion Mound, and Panorama.  The Visitor museum was newly opened in 2015; its location underneath the battlefield is an amazing feat of engineering.  The Panorama is located in the rotunda of original Waterloo museum, first opened in 1911.    Opened in 1826, the mound is an artificial hill that offers a commanding view of the battlefield and surroundings.  Many of our gang climbed the 226 stairs to the top of the nearby Lion’s Mound (150ft / 45m tall).  A massive iron statue of a lion sits atop the hill; legend holds it was forged from the cannons left by the french on the battlefield (facts suggest otherwise).