Combat Infantry Update – Label Sheet Preview

Tom Dalgliesh

Label Sheet Preview

We have posted the current label sheet for Combat Infantry.  It shows the 60 American and 60 German units included with the game. Each nation has units for one battalion, specifically three companies and 12 extra battalion assets, including five tanks.  Units with a red triangle are anti-tank.  Infantry can only target enemy armor in close assault when fighting in the same hex.

As always, everything is subject to change at this point.  If you have suggestions and comments, please do send them to me:  I will read and acknowledge all suggestions.

Next week, I will post the first draft of rules for the game.  Just 12 pages of rules, and we do that without dozens and dozens of gibberish acronyms to save space.

A preview of our labels for Combat Infantry.

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  1. Shaun
    Shaun says:

    Looks Great!
    The unit choices are fantastic, especially where you include some “all time favorites” but still maintain the Combat Infantry feel.
    The variety and artwork is thematic and I would be happy to play either side in the game.


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