HârnWorld: Where to Start?

Step 1: Get 200+ pages of material for ONE DOLLAR!

FOUR HârnWorld supplements for ONE DOLLAR!

  1. HârnWorld
    This 58-page Hârn article is a general overview of Hârnic cultures, governments, economics, history, and more. It also includes campaign aids for such tasks as generating weather conditions and character backgrounds.
  2. HârnDex
    Hârndex is an alphabetical, general reference source book for gamemasters using HârnWorld. Geographical, economic, guild, religious cultural and political entries make up this 154-page tome. It also contains material from the “Hârnic Dictionary”

  3. Cities and Towns
    Cities and Towns immerses you into the intricate societal connections of the power brokers in the guilds, the churches, government, and underworld. These eight pages are layered with intrigue and offers dozens of adventure hooks for all types of campaigns.

  4. A Gorgeous double-sided 22″ x 34″ inch map of HârnWorld
    Considered by many as one of the most beautiful RPG creations of all time! On the front is the full map of Hârn. The reverse side includes a cultural map with even more valuable details for the gamemaster!

All for only $1 to get you started!

Step 2: Download the Campaign Manager

Download the FREE Hârn Campaign Manager! ($25 value)

The Hârn Campaign Manager is the ultimate tool for gamemasters. Organize, track, print and export your campaign(s) like never before.

Hârn Campaign Manager is great for planning, researching, documenting, and organizing roleplaying sessions and campaigns.

Includes HârnDex support for it’s immersive alphabetical index of the entire region of Hârn. Entries give the name of the holder, the liege, and approximate population, plus historical and biographical notes as applicable. Populations include nearby villages that owe fealty or taxes directly to the local government. Most other features shown on the Regional Map are also listed.