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2014/2015 CALENDAR (rolling)


  • January 23-25, 2015
  • Leiria, Portugal
  • Website
Block games are always played at LeiriaCon.

Julius Caesar and Hammer of the Scots are among the favorites that will also be played.

MidWinter Gaming Convention

  • January 15-18, 2015
  • Hilton Downtown
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Website
Slapshot will be played.

GM Jim O. will be running the game
Friday:  7 - 9pm
Saturday: 7 - 9pm
Sunday: 11am - 1pm


  • January 16-19, 2015
  • Ruby's Inn near Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
  • Website
Slapshot will be played.

Scarab Gaming Convention

  • January 16-19, 2015
  • Columbia, SC
  • Website
Slapshot will be played.

Con of the North

GM Tom Arndt attends annually and hosts a block party with demos and tournaments featuring Julius Caesar, Hammer of the Scots, Richard III, Liberty and other block games.

GM Cal Stengel will run the Wizard Kings block game and the Hârn RPG scenario Pilot's Gamble.

GM Don Mack will be running a Hârn adventure called "To Ascension and Beyond" using the Pathfinder system.

Currently Looking for a GM to run Slapshot.

Strategicon: OrcCon

GM Gordon Larsen attends annually and hosts block game demos in the Wargame Bootcamp area.


Grant DalglieshGrant Dalgliesh attends.

See Columbia Con below.

Visit Prezcon on Facebook

Columbia Con (at Prezcon)

Columbia Con runs within Prezcon

Grant DalglieshMany block game tournaments are planned with plaques and special prizes. 

Columbia ConFull schedule at:

2014 Results

ColumbiaCon 2014 Plaque

ColumbiaCon 2014 (run at Prezcon) competition was tied at the end of the convention so a playoff was planned between finalists Ron Draker and Fred Bauer.  The playoff game, Hammer of the Scots, was played last week.  Ron Draker emerged victorious playing the English side.   This was Ron's third consecutive championship at ColumbiaCon.


Slapshot will be run at CosCon.


Columbia Games are sold at the Games Plus booth.

Columbia Games will support events being run using block games.

ConQuest SAC

GM Thomas Parker will demonstrate block games including Pacific Victory.

GM Dennis Donovan will host Slapshot and Dixie events.

Trumpeter Salute

GM Brian McNeilly attends annually running HârnWorld, and Battlelust events.

The photo below is from the 2014 event.
                        2014 Battlelust event

Little Wars

Columbia Games will support events being run using block games.

Strategicon: Gamex

GM Gordon Larsen will be hosting block game demos in the Wargame Bootcamp area.




Columbia Games is planning on exhibiting at Origins 2015.

We are also supporting block game events.

Grant Dalgliesh

Consimworld Expo

Consimworld Expo

EuroFront designer Craig Besinque attends.


  • July 17-20, 2014
  • Lancaster Host Resort Hotel
    Lancaster, PA
  • Contact: Pat Shields
    Phone: (519) 633-5757


Columbia Games will support events being run using block games.


  • July 21-23, 2015
  • Kansas City
  • Details TBA


Gen Con


Grant DalglieshGENCON 2015
Columbia Games will be attending GenCon 2015. 

We are sponsoring events:  Hârn, Wargames and Slapshot.

Hârn artist Richard Luschek and editor Brent Bailey will be attending.
World Boardgame Championships
  • August 3-9, 2015
  • Lancaster Host Resort
    2300 Lincoln Hwy East
    Lancaster, PA



Hammer of the Scots and Julius Caesar tournaments are scheduled "century" tournaments along with the annual Slapshot event.  Napoleon will also be a tournament in 2014.

Strategicon: Gateway

GM Gordon Larsen attends annually and hosts block game demos in the Wargame Bootcamp area.

Buckeye Game Fest


Block games are always played at this event.

Cordoba ConWargames

Julius Caesar event planned.


Slapshot event planned.  GM Damian Mastrangelo

CHUCK-a-CON Game Sales stocks Columbia Games wargames at the convention.

BGGCon (

Columbia Games Grant Dalgliesh will be attending and exhibiting in the dealer's hall.
Grant Dalgliesh


Slapshot is a fixture at WolfCon.