Rating: 10
I don't play card games, except for Dixie. Good game for a Friday night.
Rating: 8.4
At least in the Gettysburg version, I discovered that as the Confederate player that it is probably best to attack immediately. This game has kind of grown on me. It plays rather quickly once you understand some of the quirky rules and turn order.
Walt Mulder
Rating: 8.1
This is the largest of the 3 releases (the others are Bull Run and Shiloh). Again, everyone is included with the master set which I recommend over getting any booster packs. Simple system allows for a great game of card management. This one can be set up to stretch out over 5 areas and carries units over from one day to the next for battle.
King Gary
Rating: 8
Probably the best out of the three (Bull Run, Shiloh and Gettesburg) but love them all.
Da Black Gobo
Rating: 8
A very good card game that plays much like a miniature game. The only thing it lacks is a good scenario system. You cards come too haphazard for my liking. A game I and my brother played for years against each other at the family gatherings. With a few tweaks this could have scored a 10.
Rating: 8
Update... played this again for the first time in a long time. I think I under estimated this game. I found it most playable and really good fun. Some excellent moments of battle narrative ensued and it was a really close fought battle.

To avoid the problem of drawing too many generals/specials/terrain I now have three specific decks one for Generals, one for Specials & Terrain and the final one for the troops and artillery. I draw the muster number from the troop & artillery deck and then draw four generals and four terrain/specials. This muster deck is then used for the game. This ensures that one player is not faced with a bunch of generals or specials etc without any troops to back them up. Works very well indeed.

Hmmm... probably a CCG too far for me. I have both Bull Run and Shiloh in this series and this game just does not get to the table. Too many cards, too many generals etc. I actually keep it mainly so that if I play other Gettysburg games I can utilize the cards for some graphic colour!

Owned: 16 years
Played: 11
Last play:04/07/2013
Rating: 8
Every bit as good as the Columbia block games--the art is great... cards for each unit and leader, plus terrain... using only a handful of the 250 cards for each game provides a lot of replayability... presentation is top notch
Scott Pasha
Rating: 8
Best in the Dixie series. I wish there were more games like this as it functions very well as a wargame. They should have scrapped the collectible aspect and started as a boxed set.
Rating: 8
I really want a set of these.
Rating: 7.7
Gorgeous Cards
Very clever system where you try to 'break' one of your opponents three columns (can expand to 4 or 5 columns for a longer game). Never ending variation in setup and results. Find your Great, Great, Grandpappy's unit!
Rating: 7.5
Best of the three Dixie's
Rating: 7.5
Doesn't quite feel right. Could be the scale of the battle is wrong. I keep threatening to think more about it but...
Rating: 7.25
Liked the way the game was taught to me at a demo at PrezCon... For a war-themed game, it was quite enjoyable.
Rating: 7
Played 5
Rating: 7
Fast and fun card game re-creating the Battle of Gettysburg with additional sets covering the battles of Shiloh, and Bull Run . Not real heavy on the tactical decisions, but it does require more thought than luck (die rolling and luck of the draw is unavoidable).
The Gamester
Rating: 7
This is a good addition to the series of Bull Run & Waterloo.
Jan van der Laan
Rating: 7
At last my Dixie collection is complete!
Rating: 7
Sold for $15 at Cold Wars 2014.
Rating: 7
Needs more play.
Rating: 6
Obtained in trade, very happy with this trade.
Rating: 6
Reasonably fun and short American Civil War card game. Uses a system nearly identical to Bobby Lee/Sam Grant, so if you're familiar with one, you know most of the other.
Rating: 5.8
I prefer Bull Run & Shiloh but this is still a solid card wargame.
Rating: 5
Purchased as a collectible and for the artwork
Rating: 5
Not a huge fan of card games, but I like the subject matter.
Rating: 5
Everything's negotiable. Trading or buying assumes you've read my "Global Warning" in my profile.
Rating: 4
Ditto as for Bull Run, lot of wristage
Rating: 2
Hardly worth playing or owning as it adds almost nothing to what went before. Crap design evident. That Columbia have sold out of this one but not the others is really sad, an indictment of the purchasers.
Rating: 2
More Ugm
Rating: -
I finally was able to obtain the 250 cards Full Set box. Looks great!
Rating: -
Own starter set of Gettysburg. But not played yet.
Rating: -
I'd like to play this one, too...
Rating: -
60 card randomized set
Rating: -
Collectible card games are not normally my *thing* but this looks like it could be a fun *time-filler* game. Just picked up a couple of starter packs (Bull Run & Gettysburg) so I'll post a rating once I've had the chance to play.
Rating: -
have box, complete never played and sleeved.
Rating: -
HAVES - 11,14,22,24,29,35x2,37x2,38x2,46,50,73,78,81,85,94,105,

WANTS - 2-3,5,8,10,13,17-18,20-21,26-28,31,33,36,41-43,47,51-52,55-56,64-65,67,75-76,80,82-83,86,90-93,97-98,100-102,107-129,133,135-137,141,144,146,148-150,156-157,159,167,172-173,178,180,184,190-191,193,195-196,
Rating: -
Love visiting Gettysburg so I am a sucker for anything related to that battle. This one is OOP so glad I found it on ebay.
Rating: -
2 deck boxes, one still in shrink. Or maybe both are. I'll have to check.
Rating: -
Want complete 250 card box set.
Rating: -
nice filler game
Rating: -
Maybe my favorite of the three game series.