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5911 Electronic Atlas: Kanday $29.99

The Kanday Electronic Atlas on CD ROM is a great resource for gamemasters.


69 detailed vector maps:

  • World Map of Kethira
  • Regional Map of Hârn
  • Atlas Map of Kanday
  • Shire and Hundred Maps
  • Local Maps of all cities, castles, and keeps in Kanday (including many never-before mappped at the local scale).

Campaign Cartographer map viewing software.
Unlimited zooming.
Maps are hyperlinked to one another.
Framework for future expansions in place.
Users can add their own maps and edit the existing ones with CC2 Pro (sold separately by ProFantasy) and the free Mappa Hârnica toolkit.
Print at any scale, print an entire map over one piece of paper, or tile your prints over many sheets.

CC2 and Campaign Cartographer 2 are trademarks of ProFantasy Software Ltd.

The Kanday atlas arrived yesterday. What an absolutely wonderful product! Keep producing great stuff like this.
M. Burton Hopkins Jr