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They said it was impossible to build a bridge across the Guthe Gorge.

The King of Azadmere would never approve, but he was convinced. The site was too remote, but caravans and workers were organized. The wilderness was too dangerous, so mercenaries were hired and a fortified camp built. Then people started to believe it could be done.

That was until the killings started inside the camp. In three days, three men are dead: two stabbed, one thrown into the gorge.

Now everything is coming apart. Someone, or something, is determined to drive off those building the bridge. The workers are terrified and on the verge of mutiny. They demand that something be done.

Can the PCs find the killer before they strike again? You must act quickly. The entire mission teeters On The Edge.

This HârnWorld adventure module includes an extensive timeline of events, NPCs for the players to interact with, and suggested lead-ins, rewards, and follow-up adventures. Suggestions are given for using the module as a one-off short game, multi-session adventure, or as the core of a campaign. A player handout section has a summary of events, important maps and descriptions, and capsule descriptions of the party members.

On the Edge is set at Guthe Bridge, an abandoned Khuzdul (dwarven) outpost in the HârnWorld setting. The site is detailed in the Guthe Bridge location article (COL #5896-PDF). Because the adventure refers to specific locations within the underground complex, it is expected that GMs will have that article. Although HârnMaster stats are given for NPCs, the scenario is generic enough for easy conversion for use with other rule systems.

In addition to the three key NPCs detailed in the module, 10 pre-generated characters that can be used as PCs or additional NPCs are included.