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The Genin Trail, one of Hârn's major trade routes, traverses three kingdoms (Melderyn, Chybisa, and Kaldor) and leagues of barbarian-infested wilderness to connect the cities of Thay and Tashal. Travelers cross highland forests and open grasslands, all the while watching for ambushes by tribesmen or bandits. The unpaved trail is rough, rutted, and often muddy, even within the civilized lands of Kaldor and Melderyn.

The Genin Trail article covers the history and economic importance of the route, describes a typical caravan's daily routine and what travelers can expect on each segment of the trip, and provides descriptions of some interesting people that PCs may encounter.

This trade route article supplements other Columbia Games products, including Kingdom of Kaldor, City of Tashal, Kingdom of Chybisa, Burzyn Castle, Kingdom of Melderyn, and City of Thay.