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The Sorkin Mountains are one of the wildest areas on Hârn. These granite spires form a forbidding hundred-league mountain chain that walls Kaldor from the Sea of Ivae. The terrain climbs from the lowlands of the Kald Valley to peaks above 7,000 feet. There are higher peaks on Hârn, but few more rugged.

Hardy souls come to the Sorkins mainly in search of furs in the highlands and gold in the icy streams. The foothills are littered with their bones. Moss-encrusted ruins, some of Khuzan origin, some human, dot the landscape, and several are said to have contained treasures beyond value.

Anoan tribesmen patrol the north slopes and the Taelda inhabit the south and west. Wondrous but dangerous beasts roam the east and gargun are everywhere. The Sorkins tantalize the unwary with the promise of wealth but they are more often a place of death.

Includes the Seven Brothers Expansion.

Deep in the densely wooded foothills of the Sorkin Mountains northeast of Gardiren in the Kingdom of Kaldor, a clearing in the woods holds a ring of standing stones that the Taeldan tribesmen call the Seven Brothers. The Taelda revere the stones and use the site for sacred ceremonies, led by mysterious Guardians.

This article is a location expansion intended for use with the Sorkin Mountains article (COL #5890). It describes the Seven Brothers site and the tribesmen who act as its protectors. Includes a color local map and several adventure hooks the GM can use to bring the location into play.