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Anisha is a site of Earthmaster origin at the northern end of Direna Lake in the Felsha Mountains. The site's environs are quite heavily forested but the visible buildings seem well preserved. There are extensive passages beneath these structures. The ranges of three gargun nations intersect in the vicinity of Anisha. With Araka-Kalai, home to the god Ilvir, not far to the north, the Direna Valley receives an undue share of migratory Ivashu, the strange creatures created by the deity.

The nearby village of Haruch is linked to Anisha by an extensive network of game-trails. Its inhabitants, the Mendar-Haruchi tribe, claim descent from the servants of Anisha's original inhabitants, who were godlike in their abilities. They consider the ruins sacred and believe it their duty to preserve and protect them for their masters' anticipated return.

The Anisha article describes the history of the site and provides descriptions and floor plans for the most important buildings, as well as color GM and player maps.