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Note: Misyn and Ochrynn articles are included inside Araka-Kalai.

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Araka-Kalai is the dwelling of the god Ilvir. Located in the isolated Misyn region, the site's dominant feature is a huge limestone sinkhole known as the Pit of Araka-Kalai. An ancient tower stands on a rocky island in the Pit, surrounded by a liquefied, fermenting sludge with a stench that puts to shame all other offensive smells. Beneath this crumbling tower, in dank, endless caverns, the Accursed Lord of the Barren Cycle is said to spawn his fatherless multitude, the bizarre creatures known as the Ivashu.

The sacred site is a popular destination for followers of this mystical religion. Most pilgrims reach the site via Ilvir's Trail from Leriel in Orbaal, while others journey across or around Lake Benath from Shiran or through the Felsha Mountains from Tashal. The nearby temple and hostel complex called Ochrynn is run by the Ilviran Order of the Ochre Womb. This isolated settlement prospers by catering to pilgrims and to traders seeking Ivashu for the Pamesani arenas in Rethem and the Thardic Republic.

A small renegade group of clerics called the Dark Order inhabits the miles of natural caverns that interconnect with Araka-Kalai. Members of the Dark Order vehemently oppose the Ivashu trade. Since the order was formed, many people involved in this lucrative trade have met with violent death or mysteriously disappeared.

This article describes the history of Araka-Kalai as well as the current situation with the Dark Order. Floor plans for the ancient tower and the pilgrim hostel are included, as are full descriptions and color maps for key chambers in the cavern complex. Portions of this article were originally published in 1987 as part of the Araka-Kalai adventure module.