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The capital city of the Kingdom of Azadmere is an impressive walled settlement with a moat, stout double walls, and prominent towers. It is the third-oldest continuously inhabited settlement on Hârn, surpassed only by the Sindarin towns of Elshavel and Ulfshafen. The Outer City lies between Lake Arain and a massive cliff at the foot of Mount Zaduryn. The workshops of most of the city's craftsmen are located here, as are the homes of its human residents. The Inner City is carved into the solid rock of the mountain. Its extensive chambers and passages are home to Khuzdul, many of whom work in the Outer City. Very few humans are permitted access to the Inner City. Tunnels from the Inner City lead to numerous mines and to the Godstone that sits at the heart of the mountain. The mines produce iron, precious metals, and gems. Khuzan goods are made in small quantities but are in great demand throughout Hârn and western Lythia for their superb quality.

The City of Azadmere article describes the city's neighborhoods and many shops and locations of interest. In addition to a full-page color player map, color GM maps are provided for each district, as are schematic views of the Inner City's tunnels and chambers. Details and color floor plans are included for portions of the Inner City, the fortress atop the mountain, the royal guest house, a typical Khuzan clanhouse, and an apothecary's shop.