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Arathel is the westernmost major settlement in Orbaal and a favored port for merchants headed through the Sea of Tirpal to the cities of western Hârn. The settlement's rulers, Clan Cyeen, have some Jarin blood and are relatively moderate with their subjects. Valhakar Tursi Cyeen seeks to establish colonies along Hârn's northern coast.

The Arathel Castle article describes the settlement's history, government, religion, military forces, and economics and provides information about Valhakar Tursi Cyeen and his plans for colonization. Details are given for some of the local craftsmen and other locations in the village. A full description and color floor plans are given for the castle, along with color GM and player maps of the settlement.

Includes 2 inns: The Drunken Hake and The Haakapik.

The Drunken Hake is an Inn located in Arathel, Orbaal. The article is formatted like the inns detailed in Inns of Hârn, COL #5091.

Arathel is the first "civilized" landfall and shipwright facility for Ivinian ships making the long and dangerous journey back from Golotha. Arathel's population, an uneven balance of many Jarin and a handful of Ivinians, is less tense than their more easterly neighbors as a result of Valhakar Tursi Cyeen's policy of tolerance and opportunity.

Although rustic by the standards of more "civilized" parts of Hârn, the Drunken Hake is considered Arathel's best inn. Its clientele includes mostly Jarin locals and some Ivinians from surrounding settlements.

There are several adventure hooks in Arathel including the "Log of the Wind Pony" (covered in Tomes & Scrolls, COL #4055.)

The Haakapik Inn is on the bleak, rocky shores of Arathel, a small island off the northwest coast of Orbaal. Visitors include merchants and ships' crews seeking rest after a long voyage. The inn is an important hiring hall for sealing captains seeking additional help or replacing injured hands during the spring and summer months. The Haakapik Inn serves mostly Ivinians, as proprietor Jarri Kurn makes it clear that Jarin are not welcome at his inn.

The Haakapik Inn article provides details about the inn's accommodations and services, as well as its menu, staff, and regular clientele. Detailed floor plans are provided as well as several adventure hooks. This article is a companion to Drunken Hake.