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Sarkum Castle, isolated and far from the court of the Kingdom of Kanday, has risen from a barbarian fort to the seat of an earldom. Ranald Milaka, once King of Gemala and now Earl of Sarkum, is the father of King Andasin IV; his influence is envied by many of Kanday's nobles. Sarkum and its lands suffered heavily during Ezar's War with Rethem and efforts to rebuild have yet to erase the effects of the Agrikans' brutal handiwork.

The Sarkum Castle article describes the town's history, government, religion, and economics, and provides details for some of the settlement's craftsmen and other locations. Includes full-color GM and player maps and color floor plans for Caer Sarkum, the earl's castle. This is an updated and expanded version of a classic Hârn article originally published in 1987 as part of Castles of Hârn. In addition to new new color floor plans and artwork, this version has many additional details about the settlement as well as expanded descriptions of the castle rooms and many of the village locations.