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Menekod is a one of the most important defensive positions in western Hârn. Sometimes called the key to the Kingdom of Kanday, it is held by the Order of the Checkered Shield, a fighting order of Larani, the goddess of chivalry and battle. The Checkered Shield is one of the finest military forces on Hârn and is engaged in ongoing conflict with the Order of the Copper Hook, a fighting order dedicated to Agrik, god of fire and war.

The Menekod article describes the town's history, government, religion, and economics, and provides details for some of the settlement's craftsmen and other locations, including the purportedly haunted Vaegrath Wood. Includes full-color GM and player maps as well as floor plans for Caer Menekod, the main stronghold of the Order of the Checkered Shield.

This is a Hârn Classic article and was originally published in 1986 as part of the Kanday Kingdom Module.