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Kanday is a feudal kingdom in southwestern Hârn. Founded after the collapse of the despotic Theocracy of Tekhos, Kanday now stands as a realm committed to peace and prosperity. The kingdom is ruled by King Andasin IV of Clan Kand from his seat at Dyrisa. Aleath, a chartered freetown, is the largest settlement.

Kanday has been involved in three major wars over the past 60 years with the neighboring realms of Rethem and the Thardic Republic. For the past two decades, bloody skirmishes have been fought between orders of the Agrikan and Laranian churches along the kingdom's border with Rethem. Although the monarchs of both kingdoms claim this to be merely a dispute between rival religions, the conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale war. Complicating matters, Kanday recently conceded lands to the Thardic Republic during the Kuseme War. King Andasin's greatest fear is an alliance between his two northern rivals.

Although the kingdom has a tradition of enlightened and peaceful government, it has no shortage of internal power struggles. Many of the kingdom's lords are troubled by the power wielded by the king's father, an advisor to his son and a powerful earl in his own right. Some see King Andasin as overly cerebral and timid in martial matters, and would prefer to see his younger brother on the throne.

Kingdom of Kanday is an exciting module for your Hârn campaign. Characters could become involved in the border conflict between warring faiths, clash with the Thardic legions, explore the Ternu Heath seeking a lost city, or become embroiled in the infighting and intrigues of the king's court.