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Lerenil is the westernmost major settlement in the Kingdom of Chybisa and the seat of the Baron of Lerenil. Caer Lerenil is a significant stronghold, second only to Caer Burzyn, and stands as a critical defense against barbarian invasions of western Chybisa. Baron Salagys Legith is considered the most powerful noble in Chybisa after King Verlid VII. His barony's rich, fertile soil produces an abundance of grain, while deposits of fine clay along the Ulmerien River fuel a significant trade in pottery. Despite its prosperity, Lerenil is somewhat of an economic backwater in comparison to Chybisa's market towns on the Genin Trail.

Lerenil Keep describes the settlement's history, government, religion, economics, and military forces. It includes color floor plans of the keep, color GM and player maps of the settlement, brief descriptions of many local craftsmen and other locations.