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Onden is a royal keep in the Kingdom of Chybisa. It is the original holding of Clan Geledoth, the current royal clan, and is held by Balesir Geledoth, Crown Prince of Chybisa. The Chybisan Royal Guard uses Onden as a base of operations. The Marshal of the Guard lives here and the purple and white livery of the Guardsmen is ever-present around the settlement. Related by marriage but potential rivals, the prince and marshal seek to find a compromise that furthers their agendas in Chybisa's political environment.

The Onden Keep article describes the settlement's history, government, religion, and economics and provides information about the crown prince and the royal guard. Details are given for some of the local craftsmen and other locations in the village. A full description and color floor plans are given for the keep, along with color GM and player maps of the settlement.