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Chybisa is Hârn smallest realm but is rich in both history and natural resources. The kingdom sits in the fertile valley of the Ulmerien River, where a succession of cultures across two millennia have woven a complex cultural tapestry. The kingdom's story is one of ebbs and flows, with intrepid settlers, lands lost to barbarians, invasion and assimilation, secession and intrigue. Surrounding the kingdom are the ranges of three barbarian nations. While the Bujoc to the east are wary and few in number, the Hodiri in the south and Pagaelin in the north are among the most populous and aggressive tribal nations on Hârn.
Relations with the kingdoms of Kaldor and Melderyn are peaceful if somewhat strained, for both have claims to Chybisa. Although neither seems inclined to press their case, the situation worries King Verlid VII. Oaths sworn and broken by Verlid's father lie at the root of these claims and are also a matter of contention with elements in the Church of Larani.
The internal and external pressures on Chybisa provide opportunities for those brave enough to grasp them. The only bridge across the Ulmerien is at the royal seat of Burzyn, giving Chybisa control over trade along the Genin Trail between Melderyn and Kaldor. The rich mines in the Anadel Highlands are threatened by man and beast. Wars and plagues have left a number of abandoned and ruined manors ripe for resettlement. Ancient mines and fortresses of the Elder Folk lie waiting to be discovered.
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