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Idjarheim is the lodge of Idjar Redlaar, known throughout Ivinia as "Idjar One Eye." Idjar is an Avalir, a semi-divine son of the deity Sarajin and Jehryna Redlaar, a mortal woman. The lodge is situated atop a broad artificial hill alongside the Borsi River in north central Menglana. The small settlement consists of a large clanhouse with a high stone tower, animal pens, and several outbuildings, most notably Kazhar's Keep to the south. The number of persons in residence varies from around 20 to as many as 100 when residents of the region gather for festivals or trade. The permanent population includes Idjar, his wife and two daughters, and a dozen or so huscarls.

Idjarheim Lodge describes Idjar's history and describes his settlement and household. It includes color GM and player maps of the settlement and brief descriptions of interesting locations. The article features color floor plans of the great lodge and tower.