5101A1 Ivinia Map (laminated) $39.98

Laminated map

Laminated version of the gorgeous 22 x 34 inch map of the viking land of Ivinia. This map was folded (there are creases).

Ivinia is a group of islands off the northwest coast of the Lythian continent, roughly 200 leagues northeast of Hârn. It is a land brimming with warring kingdoms, icy fjords, and bold mariners. The Ivinians' tough, seaworthy ships enable them to range further than any other people and they have planted colonies throughout western Lythia. They are also canny traders but are best known for the terror of their raids on the Lythian coast. The Ivinian homeland is divided into several mutually hostile kingdoms.

This colorful 22 34-inch map shows the roads, vegetation, and topography of the region and is dotted with hundreds of castles, settlements, and other points of interest.

Close up view of a section of the map.