The Atlas Ivinia series maps all of Ivinia at the same scale, depicting all manors, villages, gargun and tribal camps, wilderness trails, contours, hills, streams, and more. Each map corresponds to one grid square on the Ivinia regional map.

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This Atlas Ivinia map features the western half of Heg Island, part of the fog-shrouded Elkyri Isles archipelago situated off the west coast of Ivinia. Heg and the many small islands nearby are part of the Kingdom of Rogna, which is known for the ferocity and rapacity of its "sea-wolves," viking raiders who terrorize ships and settlements along Ivinia's western coast.

This map covers the lands around Heling, the seat of one of Rogna's jarls. Like much of Rogna and Ivinia, the terrain is mountainous and has many fjords. A scattering of villages and cultivated land sits mostly along the rough coastline. With its interesting inhabitants, wild terrain, and harsh seas, this area offers plenty of opportunities for adventure.

This atlas map supplements other Columbia Games products: Kingdom of Rogna, Heling Vathran.