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5016B-PDF Kiraz Part 2 PDF $19.98

New Full Color edition released in 2023. This is part 2 of the 2023 edition with 24 pages of new content.

Kiraz is an abandoned underground city built by the first Khuzdul (dwarven) inhabitants of Hârn some 7,000 years ago. The city is located on the northern fringe of the central Rayesha Mountains, a majestic range of high peaks that sweep in a great arc north of Lake Benath. The surrounding wilderness area is inhabited by Equani tribesmen and numerous gargun. Kiraz is of great significance to the Hârnic Khuzdul, not only as the symbolic birthplace of their kind but for the tragedy that befell its inhabitants. Known as the Carnage of Kiraz, this event colors the Khuzan personality to this day.

This wilderness location module describes the history and architectural features of Kiraz as well as guidelines for GMs looking to use this location in their campaign. Color floor plans are given for various levels in the city's core area, the Royal Complex, while the local-scale map provided shows numerous surrounding areas ripe for GM expansion.